Study Abroad

Secondary Education(GCSE, iGCSE, A level Schools. IB schools)

Since 2011, sending children abroad for secondary education programs is one of the priorities of London Eye ITC. From the most prestigious schools in the UK, the US, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, and Canada to private boarding schools in Switzerland and France, making it possible to select the education system - we have created a global network of partners and gained extensive practical experience. Today we are actively developing vector of secondary education. London Eye ITC works closely with many Education Institutions London Eye ITC will provide professional assistance to parents at all stages of admission: the choice of country, region, qualification programs and the school itself to advise on practical issues and oversee the child during the period of study. School and training program will be selected individually, in full accordance with the interests, inclinations and preferences of the child, as well as financial possibilities of parents. In this way we can guarantee the highest quality consulting services and productive cooperation with our customers!

List of the schools

  • International Colleges
  • Abbey DLD Group of Colleges
  • Bellerbys Colleges
  • CATS College
  • Newbury Hall
  • Private Colleges
  • Bede’s
  • Bromsgrove School
  • Buckswood School
  • Cardiff Sixth Form College
  • Caterham School
  • Clifton College
  • DLD College London
  • d’Overbroeck’s College
  • Millfield School
  • Queen Ethelburgas
  • Sidcot School
  • Sherborne International
  • St Edmund
  • Taunton School International
  • Colegio Unamuno
  • RUT
Czech Republic
  •  Carlsbad International School: Home
United Arad Emirates
  • Repton Dubai