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Completing a dissertation successfully is often most challenging part of doctoral studies. You have a clear target to put all the theoretical knowledge into a practical work. Carrying out a research in the abundance of materials available as well as lack of sources can make your job nearly impossible. Picking right sources, filtering and analyzing are not easy tasks to implement. On top of all, sticking to the relevance and developing your ideas in a right way assumes a real professional. Our team of professional tutors will lead you to the milestones in the dissertation process and developing dissertation prospectus that spells out the core concepts and questions. This course guides students through stages of proposal development and more importantly, critical thinking necessary.

Course Objectives

  • Interpret  your theoretical and methodological understanding and skills into designing  researchable ideas
  • Conduct a focused review of the relevant literature
  • Develop a realistic research design with specific research strategies,
  • Think through and produce chapter-by-chapter outline
  • Critique other’s ideas paying particular attention to both theoretical and practical reality

Paper (Course work)

This course teaches students to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises.

Course Objectives

  • Principles of good writing
  • Tricks for writing faster
  • Dos and Don’ts in paper writing 

Course format

In the first two weeks, we will review principles of effective writing, examples of good and bad writing, and tips for making the writing process easier. Weeks three and four will be dedicated to addressing issues specific to scientific writing, including: authorship, peer review, the format of an original manuscript, and communicating message for audience.

Research paper

Writing a research paper can sometimes be pain-in-the-neck. You have to come up with new and bright ideas, figure out what the experts think, and learn to format your paper correctly. After completion you will be shocked by the amount of information learned in the process of writing, however the process is rather challenging. With our team of professional tutors the learning how to write will become real fun where pleasure and knowledge collide.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to properly and efficiently conduct a research project, especially for scientific research
  • Learn exactly how to prepare an effective research paper for publication in a scientific journal, archival volume, or other professional publications
  • Write an effective communicates your findings with your professional community in a clear and organized manner

Available - All year
Lesson length - 45 minutes
Length -1 to 4 weeks
Level- Elementary to Advance
Starts -Every Monday