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Higher Education

Higher education in a foreign university opens up many prospects for the students: a diploma of the international level, which is highly valued by employers in different countries, the study of multiple languages, opening new prospects for building a successful career, mastering modern international skills and techniques, etc. Obviously, the foreign university diploma - a solid foundation for future successful career.
What to do in a foreign university.
The main requirements of foreign universities for international students are as follows:
- Knowledge of a foreign language of instruction, at a high level,
- Appropriate early education.
The great advantage of such a program for the newly created student - an opportunity not only to learn a foreign language, but also to adapt to a new environment, new teaching methods, to get used to college life in another country.

Features of higher education in different countries

United Kingdom - the undisputed leader in the education market. British universities have an excellent reputation; each has its own history and traditions. The universities of the country have leading positions in the rankings. British universities offer a huge amount of programs - from business to design. Choosing a college, Study Abroad specialists of London Eye ITC search university rankings by industry and subjects. For example, the University of Bournemouth is considered strong in the teaching of subjects related to tourism and hotel management, engineering and media.

Switzerland - a country that is famous for its tradition of teaching hotel management and tourism. The Swiss model of teaching these subjects is considered standard. Training is conducted in English, with the obligatory study of German or French. An integral part of the program - paid practice that students take during their studies.
The second area of study, which enjoys incredible demand from international students are business programs (including MBA), which are held by Swiss private universities (for example, International University in Geneva, University IFM, American Graduate School of Business programs are very similar applications offered certain specialization: marketing, information technology, banking, tourism, etc., making the holder of such a diploma is enough competitive in the labor market. Another advantage is the facts that education is conducted in English, students easily learn a second foreign language. To apply for the program often universities do not require the surrender of IELTS or TOEFL, and they have their own test. In addition, the universities do not require work experience for admission to the program is designed for young and ambitious students, for which the MBA program will be the launch pad for a successful career.

The United States and Canada - In the United States operates a number of Community Colleges (vocational colleges), for example, Orange Coast College, Santa Barbara City College, Seattle Central Community College. These college students study for two years and receive associate's degree (associate degree), which can easily be transferred to the university in the last two years of study. Learn more about education in the US by visiting us at 42a Mashtots Avenue, Yerevan,0001/.
The education system in Canada almost completely coincides with the US. Traditionally Canada is a country, which has a strong tradition of teaching subjects related to technology and computer. For example, the Thompson Rivers University is renowned for its programs in the field of information technology. One of the biggest advantages of obtaining a diploma in Canada is loyal immigration policy. After graduation, foreign students can stay and work legally in this country.

Similar privileges can use the graduates Australian and New Zealand universities. After graduating from the University here, you can legally stay and work in the future to obtain a residence permit. These countries are attracting foreign students with their magnificent nature, mild climate, beautiful environment, and one of the world's highest standards of living. In Australia, there is Griffith University Queensland, which is a 4% of the leading universities in the world and is the leading university in Australasia.

German universities have traditionally been considered strong in the teaching of technical disciplines - mechanics and engineering, construction, mechanical engineering, thermal, electrical, etc. Until recently, higher education in Germany is free for foreigners. In 2005, the law of the country has changed, and now each region determines its own, paid or free training in educational institutions.

Higher education institutions in France and Italy are famous programs in the field of fashion design. For example, the world-famous institute of fashion and design department has IstitutoMarangoni in Milan, Paris and London.

Many students choose the Netherlands because education in this country has a number of obvious advantages: teaching English in Europe, a relatively small cost of tuition and accommodation, a wide variety of programs and directions, obtaining an internationally recognized diploma. The Hanze University Groningen, students can start their studies with courses.

For advice on selecting a qualified educational institution, the conditions for entry in one or another foreign university, training programs, please contact London Eye ITC. The agency managers have solid experience in organizing training programs abroad and can tell you the pros and cons of learning in different countries make an analysis of pricing policy, to pick up a training program and, of course, provide assistance during the execution of documents and informational support during the period of study abroad.